The Fish Spot, Dominica.

During my 3 week trip to the Caribbean I had the chance to visit Dominica, an island South of Antigua. Unlike Antigua, Dominica is a really mountainous island with natural hot springs and tropical rainforests. Dominica is overflowing with fruit and veg and they have an abundance of wildlife above and below sea level so food is not scarce.

We found that when we stayed there we spent little to nothing in the shops except for the basics because the fruit and veg markets in Roseau (the capital of Dominica) were so fresh that we didn't need much of anything else. Some things we found ourselves- picking limes off the tree (for our homemade rum punch) or grabbing a hand of plantain from the garden to make chips in the evening -in one place we stayed we even had pineapple growing right outside our back door.

All of that I could really get used to, however seeing a Boa Constrictor down the path of our eco-hut was NOT something I could get used to- I guess every country has its ups and downs (gulp!)

Despite my encounters with sperm whales, giant leatherback turtles, boa's and rainbow coloured parrot fish... Fresh local food is something about Dominica that I'll never forget. 

The photographs below are from an amazing opportunity I got got to capture local life. One night whilst hanging out with some local guys we decided to get something to eat after a few beers, they promised to take me and Alex to one of their favourite spots- the Fish Shack down the road in their neighbourhood. We gladly agreed and hopped off, beer in hand, to find ourselves some fresh catch of the day. When we walked in through the wooden doors we were immediately greeted with the characteristic Caribbean nod of the head, then a basin full of fish was presented from under the bar and we were asked to choose our fish of choice, and I chose Marlin.

The lady who prepared the fish for us gave me the amazing opportunity to capture her in action and gladly welcomed me into her workspace. She was a master of her craft, keeping the locals fed and watered. Who needs a fancy restaurant when you have fresh catch and a sturdy kitchen. I can honestly say it was some of the most delicious food I've had,