Kodak Portra 400 + Bronica ETRS 75mm f2.8

I've gone quiet on the film front recently, there's a good reason for that too. Over the last two years I've been using my Mamiya 645 to shoot most of my film adventures (besides occasionally using my Canon AE1 or Yashica-a). My Mamiya was the most beautiful medium format film camera I'd ever used, I'm sure it would pale in comparison to a Hasselblad or Rollei, but to me- it was perfect. I saved up all my pennies for months to buy it, and it didn't disappoint. It had been to Thailand, Cambodia, NZ, all over the UK and Ireland and never failed me.

It was stolen in August, I stupidly left it in an old tattered bag on the front seat of my car after a long 12 hour day of shooting a wedding (I even used a roll of Portra for the couples portraits). I came out the next morning to see my window shattered and my prize camera stole, but It could have been worse, I had all my digitals!

After a few months of grieving I decided to buy another pre-loved medium format camera- only this time a Bronica ETRS. SO... Here it is, the results from a few months in Palma and a shaky hand... I can't say it's the same beast, but it's still lots of fun!