Chika & Habeeb / Central London Wedding

We had the pleasure of being involved in not one, but two stunning Weddings in April when Chika & Habeeb tied the knot over two weekends in London. Firstly they had their Traditional Nigerian Wedding- a vibrant, energetic & joyous celebration of their love surrounded by friends and family.

The couple then held a second Wedding the next weekend, and it was equally as stunning, check out some of their highlights below. (the cherry blossoms even made an appearance to compliment the beautiful couple 🌸) Congratulations Mr and Mrs Alli-Owe ❤️

Shout out to all the amazing vendors who made the day so perfect:
SDWeddings MgtPapachichi Style BridalDJ Unbeetable Music Samon FilmsWale Gates

Moira & Brent / Kilmore County House Wedding

The first day of summer arrived just in time for Moria & Brent’s quirky @kilmorecountryhouse Wedding. The sun shone from start to finish for their big day, set right under the Antrim Plateau on the rugged North Coast of Ireland.

Moira was stunning in her amazing White Gallery Boutique dress (@twgboutique) and her personal touches appeared throughout the day, take a look at her incredible centre pieces and handmade vinyl placemats in the images below (she's a talented one!) 

Megan & Chris / Woodland Tipi Wedding / Warwick, UK.

Megan & Chris tied the knot in the beautiful village of Leek Wootton last month. Megan took 'relaxed bride' to a whole new level and their celebrations flowed seamlessly from start to finish.

One of the things that made this day feel so special was that it was packed full of personal touches- to name just a few examples; the couple brewed their own Sloe Gin table favours, their desert table featured Grandma Jones's lemon drizzle cake, and most impressively Megan hand crafted just under a thousand Origami birds to decorate their Tipi reception.

M & C's Wedding was full of love and laughs, and admittedly when we heard the Spice Girls we put our cameras down, joined the Wedding party, and danced late into the evening. 

Thank you for having us Mr & Mrs Jones... You bloody rock!

Highlight reel: 2017

I can't believe what a whirlwind it's been in the ten months since I quit my day job to follow my passion for Photography. Thank you for the overwhelming support I have received, and to all the wonderful couples who stood in my firing line, I have made so many new friends along the way. Next year is set to be even bigger, bring it on... 

Here are some of our 2017 highlights - see you in the New Year!

Kodak Portra 400 + Bronica ETRS 75mm f2.8

I've gone quiet on the film front recently, there's a good reason for that too. Over the last two years I've been using my Mamiya 645 to shoot most of my film adventures (besides occasionally using my Canon AE1 or Yashica-a). My Mamiya was the most beautiful medium format film camera I'd ever used, I'm sure it would pale in comparison to a Hasselblad or Rollei, but to me- it was perfect. I saved up all my pennies for months to buy it, and it didn't disappoint. It had been to Thailand, Cambodia, NZ, all over the UK and Ireland and never failed me.

It was stolen in August, I stupidly left it in an old tattered bag on the front seat of my car after a long 12 hour day of shooting a wedding (I even used a roll of Portra for the couples portraits). I came out the next morning to see my window shattered and my prize camera stole, but It could have been worse, I had all my digitals!

After a few months of grieving I decided to buy another pre-loved medium format camera- only this time a Bronica ETRS. SO... Here it is, the results from a few months in Palma and a shaky hand... I can't say it's the same beast, but it's still lots of fun! 

Boxing day beach walk, Donegal.

What better way to shake off the Christmas dinner- walking a few mile with mum and dad on a frosty Donegal afternoon, and after a Guinness and Some Taytos in Biddies we finished off the day by watching the sunset over the Barnes Gap. Sometimes can't believe this is my home!

Es Verger, Alaro, Palma de Mallorcaaaaa.

I wasn't keen on this particular little hike as I woke up with a bit of a wine headache from the night before (it only takes two glasses, believe me). I found the strength deep within and after a couple of paracetamols I legged it up the hill to see the stunning views of the island, and I am so glad we did. 

When we got back down the other side of the mountain there was a gorgeous little family run restaurant, Es Verger, serving frosty cold cañas. It was certainly a challenge to order something vegetarian in a restaurant serving mostly shoulders of slow cooked lamb, but Croquettas de Espinaca came to the rescue as usual. I even came home with a bottle of home made Vino Tinto for the hair of the dog.