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We are a Brighton based Wedding Photography duo and we have the privilege of absolutely loving what we do... Yes, that’s cheesy, but it’s true. We are actually passionate about Weddings, we’re so passionate about them we’re actually planning one ourselves! 

But your Wedding is not just a Wedding to us.

If you want to get technical about it, wedding photography is a challenge! It pushes us to our limit, we have to be sharp, poised and forward thinking. It’s many varied styles of photography all rolled into one. - story-telling, portraiture, street photography to name a few.

 That being said, it’s so much more than just holding a camera- we chase moments. It could be a facial expression that says 1000 words, or a perfectly timed break dance battle after one too many Jaeger-bombs. It’s 12 hours of nervous energy, raw emotion, happy tears and drunk dancing. You’re sharing your day with the people that you love most in the world, and we want to tell your story.

 Our aim is to take photos that give you that funny feeling in your tummy- the good, butterfly, kind. So, if you’re thinking about getting in contact we’d love to talk.

Any excuse to get creative!